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  • Charter boats are supplied on a launching trolley as a hull with a self-bailer, hiking strap, GRP centreboard and rudder and control line fittings with cleats.
  • No fittings may be removed, even if it is subsequently replaced, and no repairs may be undertaken without the express permission of someone within the RAYC Maintenance Team or the RAYC staff assigned to the ILCA fleet on the day.
  • No changes, additions or alterations to the spars, hull and fittings shall be made except the fitting of a compass and/or a wind indicator supplied by the competitor provided that they can be fitted without piercing or otherwise marking the hull or spars. The exception to this is if modifications have been approved by a member of the RAYC Maintenance Team.
  • All masts are checked ensuring they are within design tolerance, wet or dry sanding of the hulls or any other equipment is prohibited.
  • The use of waxes, polishing compounds or similar is prohibited. Competitors may wash their boat with detergent or water, plastic tape or similar may be used in accordance with the class rules.
  • To identify and record equipment defects, a copy of the ILCA Check-Out form shall be completed when the boat is checked out by RAYC staff. This sheet shall be signed by both the RAYC staff member and the sailor using the equipment. This form shall be returned to the boatshed upon signing and will be used to check for any damage/repairs required when the boat is checked back in at the end of racing by an RAYC staff member.
  • The cost of damage or breakages, including scratches, hull or spar damage, will be repaired or replaced by the RAYC Maintenance Team where possible at a rate of $75/hr plus any replacement parts required. If the RAYC Maintenance Team are unable to repair in-house you will be required to cover the cost of the repair/replacement of the damage by a supplier or contractor of RAYC’s choosing.
  • If the repair/replacement meets the insurance criteria, you will be required to make a payment of up to $1000 NZD (the cost of the insurance excess).
  • Damage as a result of normal wear and tear will be discussed with the RAYC Maintenance Team and appropriate repairs will be managed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All sponsor stickers shall remain in place, removal of any stickers on the boat will be in violation of the charter agreement.
  • Charter boats shall not be towed in the water in excess of 8 knots at any time.
  • The use of a charter boat may be withdrawn if, in the opinion of the organising authority or the charter provider, a competitor breaks any of the conditions of the charter or treats/handles the charter boat without due care or in a manner that is likely to cause damage to the boat or other competitors’ boats.
  • Upon completion of racing, all equipment must be thoroughly washed down and rinsed with fresh water before being packed away. Failure to wash down the equipment appropriately will also be a violation of the boat charter agreement. The decision on whether a boat has been appropriately washed down will be that of the RAYC Maintenance Team.